The Coalition For A Safe Environment is involved in reducing, eliminating and mitigating air, land, water pollution and global warming caused by international trade marine ports, goods movements, transportation corridors, distribution centers, petroleum and energy industries.    

The Coalition goals are to reduce, eliminate and mitigate public exposure to carcinogens, respiratory, reproductive and developmental toxicants and diseases caused by air, land, water pollution and consumer products.    

The Coalition fights social, economic and environmental injustice, economic exploitation, disproportionate & cumulative negative environmental & public health impacts, discrimination, racial classism, racial profiling, community blight and lack of environmental justice community urban redevelopment.     The Coalition believes that communities and public should be free from the financial burden of subsidizing private business environmental pollution, public health impacts, public safety impacts, operations, infrastructure and growth.    

The Coalition recognizes that people of color, indigenous people, the poor, politically underrepresented and the economically disadvantaged have been the most negatively and significantly impacted by business industries.     The Coalition believes that every community should equitably benefit from the business trade industries in their communities.

The Coalition believes that public health, care and safety is a right, not a privilege and that every community and resident is entitled to an environment that promotes a good healthy quality of life.     CFASE believes that public rights supersede private industry and private industry profits.    The Coalition believes that the public has a right to know about all potential hazards and risks associated with ports, goods movement, transportation infrastructure, petroleum and energy industries.    

CFASE researches and supports the use of the best available alternative & pollution control technologies, clean fuels, renewable energy sources, efficiency technologies, alternative transportation systems, waste management and recycling programs.    CFASE believes that we must plan and invest in a future sustainable environment and balance the need for economic growth and the public’s best interests.

CFASE is additionally involved in community education, organizing, leadership development, community empowerment, public policy participation, public health care, public safety, healthy community sustainability, community economic development and urban planning.