Ports & Goods Movement

The Coalition For A Safe Environment has achieved many accomplishments in its own Environmental Justice Campaigns, collaborative organizations campaigns and in supporting other community organization campaigns and legal challenges.

Port of Los Angeles (POLA) & Port of Long Beach (POLB)

  • Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) 1st in US
  • Clean Truck Program (CTP) Replace 16,600+ Old Deisel Trucks With 2007 or Newer

Models 1st in US

  • Alternative Marine Power (AMP) Ship Electric Shorepower Terminal 1st in US
  • Technology Advancement Program (TAP) New Technology Demonstration Grants

1st in US

  • Two Zero Emissions Drayage Truck Demonstration Projects 1st in the US
  • Advanced Maritime Emission Control System (AMECS) Ship Exhaust Emissions Capture Demonstration Project (POLB) 1st in the US
  • Water Resources Action Plan (WRAP) 1st in the US
  • Ship Speed Reduction Program (SSRP) 1st in the US
  • 10MW Solar Energy Plan (POLA) 1st in the US
  • Creation of three $5 million LB Community Mitigation Funds (POLB) Including Health Care 1st in the US
  • Stopped the 1st LNG Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach
  • Stopped the All American Pipeline Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles China Shipping  Terminal Settlement

  • $60+ million Court Settlement Fund
  • $10 million Wilmington Community Mitigation ( $3.1 million Wilmington Youth Sailing Center )
  • $10 million San Pedro Community Mitigation
  • $10 million Harbor Gateway Truck Retrofit Fund
  • Establishment of the 1st Port Community Advisory Committee in the US
  • Terminal to be built with electric shore power
  • 70% of ships to be retrofitted for electric shore power
  • All cargo handling equipment changed to alternative natural gas or electric.
  • $1.50-$3.50 Container Fee

Port of Los Angeles TraPac Terminal Settlement

  • $50 million Potential PreCourt Mitigation Settlement Fund
  • Creation of Harbor Community Benfit Foundation (HCBF) to Administer Off-Port

Property Mitigation

  • Approved $6 million Public School Air Purification Systems For Wilmington & San Pedro
  • Approved $ 500,000 Wilmington Community Health Care Grants
  • Approved $ 300,000 Land Use Study (Comprehensive Off-Port Community Impact Nexus Study)
  • Approved $ 200,000 Wilmington Community Noise study
  • Fund Future Wetlands Restoration Study
  • Fund Future JobTraining & Development Training Programs
  • Require future expansion projects to contribute to the HCBF
  • $1.50-$3.50 Container Fee & Bulk Cargo Fee ($.15 Per Barrel of Imported Oil)

Wilmington Community Negotiated Mitigation With City, Port & State

  • $ 200 million Wilmington Waterfront Park POLA Buffer Project ( Grand Opening 6-4-2011 Phase I a new

30 Acre Green Space Park)

  • City ban on new container storage yard locations in residential areas and new zoning requirements
  • City ban on new auto recyclers (Junk Yards)
  • New no truck route signs
  • New over 6,000lb truck prohibited signs
  • New no overnight and community residential area truck parking signs
  • CHP and Port police to monitor port trucks in Wilmington & San Pedro communities
  • 2,000 cubic yards of new Wilmington community public street asphalt paving each year

Petroleum Industry Accomplishments

  • Stopped the 1st Hydrogen Power Plant from being built at the City of Carson BP/ARCO Oil Refinery
  • Help stop construction of the 1st LNG Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles
  • Help stop construction of the 1st LNG Terminal at the Port of Long Beach
  • Help close down the Kinder Morgan Fuel Storage Tank Farm in San Pedro
  • Negotiated a Carson Community Benefits Agreement with Kinder Morgan Fuel Tank Farm in Carson
  • Supported the adoption of a more stringent South Coast AQMD Rule 1118 to reduce refinery Flaring and require a Flare Reduction Plan
  • Fought to require the new Port of Los Angeles Pacific L.A. Oil Marine Terminal to be the greenest in the world and help caused the project to be canceled
  • Port of Los Angeles Pacific L.A. Oil Marine Terminal announces it will not build terminal
  • Fought to support the California Air Resources Board to adopt a new low carbon fuel standard
  • Negotiated the 1st Imported Crude Oil $ .15 Per Barrel/Metric Ton Community Mitigation Fee At Port of Los Angeles